With the regular advancement in technology year in year out, different designs of binoculars continue to be introduced in the market. So what exactly does this mean for binoculars lovers? Simple, the best light weight binoculars (compact binoculars) in 2017 are indeed not the best in the market today. Meaning, if you were planning to buy a new pair of compact binoculars, you will have a pretty challenging time discerning which one suits you or which one is the best. Well, no need to stress so much over it because this article is all you need before running down to your preferred store. Below is a list of 5 best lightweight binoculars in 2018:

1.) Bushnell H2O Waterproof

From the name itself, this gadget is resistant to water and can almost not get easily destroyed if it is accidentally or intentionally brought close to any water body. Attributing to this is its sealing with O-band and the fact that it is nitrogen purged. One thing that will make you fall in love with this gadget instantly is its sharp images produced using Bak-4 prisms and multiple-protected optics. Additionally, Bushnell H20 waterproof has high-quality optics which deliver high definition lucidity and have a magnification power of X12 hence a 20-foot shut concentration range. Since it is an upgrade of its predecessor high durability is something to expect from it.

2.) Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof prism Binocular

It seems the Bushnell brand had a great plan for you all in 2018. With this specific gadget, you are sure to enjoy the folding design and reduced risks of bends since it has a roof prism design as its name suggest. Production of high-quality images in this device is easy as it has a magnification of 10 X and its optics are thoroughly coated which trigger capturing of sharper images. The gadget is also fog and water poof in nature.

3.) SkyGenius Compact lightweight binoculars

Pocket-sized and sleek, this is just what you are missing for your concerts and travel adventure. It has a magnification power of 10×50 and multilayered aspherical lenses which help in reducing light reflection and distortion. With such a description, you are not expecting anything less than extremely top-notch images. Now comes the most exciting bit about this camera-it has got great value for your money.

4.) Wingspan optics spectator compact binoculars

While purchasing a compact binocular, you are ordinarily concerned with its weight and magnification. Well, if these are your primary concerns, then wingspan optics spectator compact is your ideal binoculars for 2018. The device is very light and can fit in your pocket. It also has 8X magnification power which delivers high-quality objects. Topping all this up is its durability and awesome offer on majority of stores which is 30-day return in case of any justified harms.

5.) Aurosports folding compact binoculars

Forming the last but certainly not the list lightweight binocular in 2018 is Aurosports folding compact binoculars. It has five major outstanding features that you will enjoy if you purchase one. To begin with, the gadget is capable of working amicably during the day as well as during the night.

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Two, it has a superb magnification of 10×25 and uses a center focus mechanism for your convenience. It has field view of 1000 yards and fully multi-coated optics. Consider this or either of the four lightweight binoculars this 2018.