#10 Concentration

Concentration is the key to anything you are trying accomplish, especially riding a hoverboard. If you have a wondering mind while starting out, this could result in an accident.

#9 Instruction Manual

Many people skip reading instructional manuals which leaves them blind when it comes to figuring a product out. With hoverboard’s you want to read every last detail to help you avoid an accident.

#8 Fully Charged

Before riding your hoverboard for the first time, make sure it is fully charged so you have plenty of battery power to practice.

#7 Start Button

At the bottom of the board is the start button in which you press right before you step on the board. When you hit the button a light will turn on. You do not have to have the light in any specific direction to start riding!

#6 Safety!

Be sure your feet are in the correct position and about facing straight, not in a crooked position. This helps you to be able to turn with the board easier.

#5 First Foot

Put your most dominant foot on the hoverboard first and closer to the middle and away from the wheels. When placing your first foot on the board be sure that you are on even ground to avoid an accident.

#4 Second Foot

When placing your second foot on the board keep it close to the wheel, away from the middle and get ready to take off! With most hoverboard’s, a green light will flash when it is time to place your second foot on the board and take off.

#3 Turning

To turn left you must push your right toe forward and move in that direction. To turn right, do the complete opposite and push your left toe forward and lean that way.

#2 Stepping Off The Hoverboard

When you are ready to get off the hoverboard you will need to step off with your most dominate foot and follow with the next. Be sure to practice getting on and off before taking it for a longer/faster spin. You can check here to get some really good hoverboards.

#1 Determination

Using a hoverboard doesn’t always come easy, so it is important to stay determined and keep trying until you succeed.