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What is RGB?

RGB represents the colors red, blue, and green. It is a lighting mode where each device’s pixel can release a different color. The light source can be from an LED or minor groups of LEDs. RGB primary colors can be combined to make any color that is desired. The primary colors are used in TVs and PCs to form any color in the spectrum. The differing intensities of red, blue, and green create a remarkable amount of color possibility.

There are two methods to create colors with LEDs. The first combines red, blue, and green transistors as the primary colors, and the other method uses white light through several filters. To create white light, one can use the blue LED with the yellow LED or combine the diodes when using the white LEDs.

For different reasons, a gaming computer has several lights and components related to RGB. For instance, a user may have a system with a theme that matches his favorite character or game. Other users may want more aesthetically appealing lighting for their system to make a wider scope of colors.

What is ARGB?

An addressable RGB is a type of lighting whereby each pixel releases its blend of red, blue, and green colors. ARGB is also called high color, true color, or 32-bit color. Unlike RGB, ARGB permits one to adjust the color at the pixel level allowing each pixel on a device to release a different color or mix of colors which will still amount to white.

ARGB allows one to adjust precisely the amount of red, blue, and green that should go in particular areas of your light, therefore more precise in terms of the coloring perspective than RGB.

The difference between ARGB and RGB

The traditional RGB lighting shows only one static color at a time; however, ARGB can show several colors simultaneously. A controller can adjust the ARGB to demonstrate a wide range of colors simultaneously by using an integrated circuit that regulates the tempo, pattern, and color.

RGB is used on products such as desktops and TVs. Each pixel is easily visible and therefore broken down into sub-pixels which release the red, green, and blue light. The lights mix to come up with any color that we see. The ARGB is mainly used in laptops where the screen does not contain separate LEDs for each sub-pixel. Backlights, therefore, simulate the lighting.

Click here for a more detailed comparison of RGB vs. ARGB. The article really goes in-depth on the topic and explains it quite well.

5 Unique and Cool Ways to Promote Your Small Business

A small business venture can grow if you know the best ways to promote it. To help your small business thrive, you need to be unique and tactful. Such tricks will see more customers come your way and enable you to expand your market share.

You can make good use of the internet and promote your business online through Google and different social media accounts. You can also reward your loyal customers and share your expertise with others.

We’ll show you five ways to achieve this if you want to see your small business grow and get more profits.


  1. Reward Your Loyal Customers

It’s easier to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. So, if you want to maintain your customers and grow your business, reward them. You can give a discount to show appreciation and keep them coming back. Choose the consumer behavior you want to encourage and design the reward accordingly.

Here’s a great TEDTalk on it:

  1. Make Good Use of Google and Social Media

In the current era, most clients prefer looking for services or goods through google. To attract such clients to your business, create a Google business account that will show your venture in the Google Maps results.

Alternatively, you can market your business through your social media accounts, and more clients trust your services or products.


  1. Network Within Your Community

You should also consider networking with different people on various platforms to help the business grow. Attend the local trade conference and talk to those doing better in business to know the tricks.

Also, take such opportunities to distribute your business cards. Learn how others you meet in different forums manage their social media accounts after exchanging contacts.


  1. Market Through Captivating Videos

You can also get more customers through creative videos. Market your business through videos explaining how your products work or do customer testimonials. You can post these videos on your YouTube channel or Facebook for more viewership. But ensure the video is high quality and use licensed music where necessary.

  1. Give Irresistible Offers

Having irresistible offers will see new customers coming to buy from you. With such offers, your loyal customers will keep coming hoping to find something enticing to buy. If you’re training people, you can offer free module training to your customers.


Bottom Line

As a small business, it can be challenging to grow and have a good customer base. However, if you give irresistible offers, reward loyal clients, and create captivating videos. Click our website to learn more tricks as a small business that will see you thrive.

4 Features you likely overlooked in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 includes several productivity-focused elements that will make your workflow less stressful. Besides a cleaner interface and more fluidity, you’ll encounter several new features that will allow you to improve your productivity and efficiency.

When you first read “Microsoft Office,” you think about the three typical apps: Word, Powerpoint and Excel, maybe Outlook. However, there is more to this program than what meets the eye or what you’re already familiar with.

Here are some of the features you probably didn’t notice while using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

1.  “Tell Me” in Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint

Would you like to access a certain feature, but are you unsure where you can find it? That’s not a problem anymore. Now, you have access to the “Tell me” feature, which appears in most apps included in Ms. Office 2016. All you need is to type what you need at the moment. i.e., editing line spacing will immediately show such a feature.

You can use “Tell Me” if you click on the light bulb that appears in the right area of the ribbon. It may also show you different features based on what you have currently selected, be it a table or an image.

2.  “Clutter” in Outlook

Junk mail has always been an issue. Our inboxes get cluttered with unnecessary emails, and most of us have the habit of overlooking them. When we realize our email is a complete disaster. However, that’s not a problem anymore with Outlook’s new feature, Clutter. It is only available for Outlook with Exchange Server.

Thanks to this feature, you will define what messages should go to the “clutter” folder and what others you will leave in your main folder.

Furthermore, Clutter allows you to review the emails you’ve previously ignored. Then it will detect the messages with a similar context out of your main inbox so you can decide what to do with them when you’re ready.

3.  “Insights” in Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint

Insights allow you to look up information very quickly from each app. All you need to do is right-click on the word or sentence you’d like to search on the internet, then click on “Smart Lookup.” When you do, a tab will pop up in the right area where you’ll see relevant results taken from Microsoft’s Bing.

This new feature allows you to find images, articles and other useful data for your work in little time.

4.  New Chart Types in Excel

Excel has been improved and now has many new chart types that allow you to manage your data more comfortably. These new charts include Treemap, Box and Histogram.

For instance, Treemap will show all your data in a “high-level view.” Then, by adding the color coding, you will see all the similarities, differences and patterns between the different pieces of information that your file contains.

5 Reasons to outsource your web design to a professional agency like ROUNDHOUSE

It’s usual for many people to have many doubts when they want to create their first website for their business or freelance services. However, one of the main questions that cross a person’s head is whether they should outsource their web design to a professional agency or do it themselves.

People can find multiple resources and courses that help them acquire the necessary knowledge to create a good-looking website with efficient functionality. Still, if what you want is to portray a professional image, we recommend contacting an expert with enough background that helps you achieve the best results.

We know that a recommendation isn’t enough to answer your question. Due to that, here we have five reasons why you should outsource your web design to a professional web design Brisbane agency like ROUNDHOUSE.


A professional web designer will always be backed up with years of experience. Thus, they will be well-equipped with knowledge about what works best in the contemporary ear. Furthermore, they are in touch with today’s tendencies, which is a clear advantage if you want to portray a professional but modern image.

A novice may have the time and energy to help you and enough desire to learn more. Still, a veteran already knows how to handle multiple situations to ensure the delivery of a high-quality project. On the other hand, an expert has run multiple tests, committed several mistakes, and learned how to solve them throughout their career. Hence, they are prepared for the best and the worst.

Web designers are always in touch with today’s trends.

Websites don’t look as they did ten years ago. We can shorten this timeframe by five years, and you’ll still see the differences between a website design from 2015 and one created in 2020, for instance. Consequently, we can say that the trends in web design vary constantly.

Some people consider a website that was developed only five years ago as obsolete. You may think of what you want, which is valid, but bear in mind that it may be out of style.

You won’t have to deal with technical problems.

Web design and web development are tightly correlated. Problems may arise in both areas. However, when you outsource the work to a professional, they will be in charge of all the processes, and you will only have to evaluate the results. You won’t have sleepless nights due to HTML-related issues.

Websites must be easy-to-use

Usability and functionality are key factors in web design. Thus, a professional should know how these aspects influence web positioning and ranking. User experience is one of the many elements that search engines like Google consider for positioning a website.

Flexible budget

There are budgets out there for all kinds of businesses, from the biggest to the smallest. The budget comprehends factors like the project’s complexity and the results you want to achieve. It is important to know that you’re investing in a crucial aspect of your business, so you shouldn’t be afraid of asking a professional to give you an estimate of how much it could cost you to have a functional and good-looking website.

How to get more listeners to your playlist on spotify

Every band wants to get their music to the masses, and Spotify is one of the best ways of doing that. The goal of every band is to be a success on some level, however they define “success” for themselves. Part of this is getting their music to as many listeners as possible, and the Spotify platform is a good part of that; Spotify is an online listening service that allows listeners to pick and choose the music they listen to, enabling a band to find its audience. There are a number of ways to maximize the number of listeners and therefore find the success that they are looking for with minimal effort.


Social Media

The obvious way is to take full advantage of social media. While this does require a certain amount of work to accomplish, once it is set up it can make for a very successful way to advertise your music. All you need to do is find two or three different sites that you like and then start finding like-minded individuals. You then to plug your music daily, making sure that the link to your music is shared throughout the social media you choose. You need to build your audience, one person and one subgroup at a time, until eventually you hit a critical mass; once you hit that critical mass you still need to maintain it daily in order for it to work for you. So it can be a great way to get your music out there, but it requires a lot of work.


Targeted Playlists

There is an easier way. Some media companies, such as Orion Promotion, have already found a certain degree of success on Spotify and help their clients find the same degree of success. They offer different spotify music promotion packages, each being different in the way of promoting your songs. They listen to your song, and then decide which playlist of theirs that it will work best on, then place it on one or more playlists as per the package chosen. The song will then be played as often as possible, with listeners having the option to place the song on their playlists. This makes your song far more popular with far less work on your part.

You want to be a success, and that means getting your music out there. You just need to determine how much work you want to do in order to make your music a success. You can either do all of the legwork yourself and hope you succeed, or you can take advantage of someone who already has done the legwork and have them do it for you. It is your choice which works for you, but maybe trying the easier path may be worth at least checking out.


Project Management Software – What to Look out for

Planning and managing projects efficiently in the past, had been a complex and time-consuming task. Most people would fret having to deal with this task, but not anymore. The advent of the internet brought along inventions that have not only made project management easier but has also made the process time efficient. Handling projects is not a struggle anymore, and you can streamline the process using the right software. The fundamental thing to do is to ensure that in-depth research is undertaken to determine the best software which will produce the ideal results. The best software to use is user-friendly, easy to implement and accurate. An individual can also customize the templates to suit their preferences and track the project’s progress with much ease. Features of the best project management tools will not only impress but prove useful. The outstanding features to consider include; real-time overview and automated reports, successful integration with other useful tools like the mail feature, seamless workflow, affordability, encourages faster communication and ease of file sharing and file management. Also, interaction is important to enhance cohesion among the teams managing the project. Setting timelines and prioritizing comes easy with the ideal free project management software. It is important to analyze results to be able to track your progress, and these features provide reliability of an ideal software to work for you.


Consolidating ideas or to-dos is easily controlled from a dashboard, and which you can easily customize to suit your preference. Employees, teams, and administrators can enjoy coordinating tasks with these useful tools incorporated in the project management software. The software increases the possibility of managing several projects at a go, working within different teams. An individual’s input in a team is easy to track and as well as to measure the team’s productivity. It is notable that this software can be used within different sectors that deals with project planning. Also, users have room to customize the features and to get the right solutions in managing different projects. Teams working from different locations are also able to coordinate effectively to ensure the project is successful, owing to this software.


A project management software allows for room for flexibility and offers convenience to help complete projects with ease. Real-time feedback is enabled and having access to other useful tools makes this software an immediate need for organizations directly involved in managing projects. Among other pros is allowing the team to create time for productivity objectives and allocate different assignments with much ease. It is easy for team members to have access to information regarding the project and ensure that high performance is experienced by the team. A team can perform optimally when empowered with effective tools which make them efficient in fulfilling their mandate. This is why it is necessary to have the right solution for managing projects, that is convenient and timely. It is important to stay up to date with the new features that have been incorporated into the project management software to be able to enjoy the full benefits.

Fashion Trends and Wearable Technology

Years ago, an author by the name of William Gibson introduced the world to a genre of literature that would come to be known as “Cyberpunk.” In this genre, human beings and technology came together, with the characters relying heavily upon both wearable and implanted technology. Gibson’s first Cyberpunk books were published in the 1980s and now, many of those cybernetic gadgets are a reality.

What does the future hold for technology?

Increasingly, technology plays an integral part in our everyday society. It is not unusual to see someone with a mile-tracking wrist device, or one that counts calories. Diabetics can now check their blood sugar without pricking their fingers, and almost everyone has a smartphone. Just a few years back, a mere earpiece that functions as a communications device was all the rage amongst those who could afford them. While wireless headsets and fitness watches have their critics, their popularity is only growing. And while some of these trends have faded, new ones continue to emerge.

Wearable cameras, often mounted on the head, are common amongst the outdoors types, fitness trackers of all kind dominate the exercise community, and devices for tracking your children are the latest trends in this technological craze. Recently, at least one company announced an implantable chip that may be able to wean heroin addicts off of drugs for good. In the Cyberpunk literature, characters often wore fabrics that could change colors and textures at the character’s whim. These, too, have become a reality: Fabrics that can change color were introduced at a major fashion show just a few years ago.

Some of these advancements are scoffed at by adults, but children are growing up with them. There is even one wristband specifically designed for online gaming. Younger people love taking pictures of themselves, and with their friends, and wearable camera devices literally make taking these “selfies” a snap. In the face of an obesity epidemic, wearable devices that help diabetics keep track of their blood sugar levels can be lifesavers. And tracking devices make sure that children’s whereabouts are always known, or at least available, to their parents and authorities. These can prove especially helpful for those children with special needs.

While adults may not like the idea of William Gibson’s Dystopian Cyberpunk future, children have lived in a world with wearable technology since birth, and focus not on the possibly dire drawbacks, but the positive options they bring. With wearable technology, you can track your fitness, sleep schedule, blood sugar, cholesterol, and much more — not to mention the fashion choices, themselves.

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