When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular ones. With hundreds of millions of people accessing Instagram every day, why is the platform so popular and is that likely to continue?


Beautiful photographs — People love to see gorgeous photographs taken by both professional photographers and amateurs according to the Instagram experts over at 인스타 팔로워 늘리기. Instagram  alone has millions of new photographs uploaded to the social media platform every day and many of them are beautiful.


Celebrity Instagram accounts — One of the big reasons hundreds of millions of people have an Instagram account is because their favorite celebrity also has an account.

Many celebrities’ Instagram accounts also not only include the usual publicity-style photographs but they even upload personal photographs of them eating dinner, out with friends and even on vacation.

Fans love having access to these kinds of photographs as it makes them feel as though they are connected to their favorite celebrity’s life.


Gorgeous filters — Instagram makes just about anyone look like a professional photographer as both the editing tools on the platform and the many different photograph filters can make any photo look lovely.

In fact, people become so obsessed with choosing the right filter for each photograph they will often spend a long time going through each filter and trying to find the perfect one.

There are some great videos on youtube that show you exactly how bigger insta influencers use the filter, for example:


An excellent mobile app — People love the Instagram mobile app as it makes it so easy to take photographs and then immediately upload them to their Instagram account.

This allows them to share personal moments with their friends and family almost as fast as they are experiencing them.

Of course, this is not the same if you want to upload photographs to Instagram via your desktop as that option has not yet been allowed.


Easy to use app — The Instagram app is also incredibly easy to use. In fact, just about anyone can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes and soon be uploading stunning photos to their new account.

This is because the app has been designed to be intuitive and so allows users to download the app and immediately upload photos to it. With that kind of easy investment of time and resources, no wonder most people that download the Instagram app continue to use it daily.


People love photos more than words — While some people do enjoy reading long posts, most prefer a photograph accompanied by a short tagline.

This is how Instagram easily specializes in what it does as the social media platform has always prioritized photos more than anything else.

As many of the photos are positive images as well, this adds an even more lovely reason to enjoy looking at them.