Technology has taken people’s lives to another engagement level where everything is being done online. People are even conducting meetings in social media instead of traveling distances to a venue. Businesses too are conducting product marketing of the goods and services that they produce through social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Great government officials, religious leaders, politicians, celebrities, and friends interact with their followers via social media posts that they post in their respective social media accounts.




As a result of this, people have been subjected to an imaginary competition of following. Additionally, agencies and companies look for people with a large number of social media following such as Instagram to offer them advertising contracts and other business. Therefore, there are various benefits that one is likely to enjoy if they have large numbers of online followers. To achieve these high following, some people especially bloggers buy followers on instagram to allow them to enjoy the benefits.




Buying social media flowers can affect the buyer either positively or negatively. Having a large number of followers indicates that one has more online influence. They get more likes and comments on their posts and also get tagged to various posts making them have opportunities for free advertisement audiences. Buying Instagram and other social media followers involve getting more accounts to follow you at a pay. Such accounts are created and exist with the aim of being sold to follow someone.


Fate of Fake Accounts


The consequences of buying Instagram followers will at the end be shady since Instagram managers have a habit of discarding all the dormant accounts and at the end of it all you will be frustrated. Additionally, the reason why people find it better to buy followers instead of looking for authentic ones is that buying Instagram followers is cheap and easy. It is also not easy to realize when someone has purchased fake followers. Also, people judge an Instagram account with regards to the number of followers it has, whether they are real or fake accounts. People are likely to pay attention to a brand that is advertised by an account that has a large number of followers compared to that marketed by an account that is bearing a fewer number of followers.


Reasons for Buying Followers


To enjoy these online benefits, interested buyers link their Instagram accounts to a service that sells followers, make payments and later wait to see their audience grow within a short period to hit high following levels. Buying can cost as little as $3 for about 100 followers. This means that a buyer can get as many as 10,000 followers if he or she has a pocket that is over $300 deep.


Negative Effects of Buying Followers


Buying Instagram followers can cause one some negative impacts such as getting fewer engagements since the accounts are fake and have no one to attend to them, one loses integrity and self-esteem for having large numbers of followers that are not genuine and have to face the stigma that people have in the society. However, buying Instagram followers has not yet been declared illegal, so everyone has to decide whether to buy or not to buy followers.