Why is it that animated instructional videos work so well? I can only speak for myself. I am a visual thinker. I came to realize this when I discovered (early on) that you can lecture me until the cows come home, and I’m just not going to get it until you pick up that hammer, and pick up that nail, and go tap-tap-tap; WHAM-WHAM-WHAM! To some degree, reading copy presents the same challenge. So, show me: Don’t tell me.

Mentor-Apprentice relationships

Long gone are the days when children growing up had mentors. The world of educating has given way to the mass lecture, with little visual aid or hands on instruction to placate those who learn in different ways. In the amazing world of cyber-space, animation has picked up the slack in that regard, to a certain degree. The digital revolution has evolved in ways that couldn’t possibly have been predicted. Creative, visual thinkers have leaped in to fill a void. That of visual instruction via what is being called “Animated explainer videos“. Spell checker is reporting that “explainer” is not a word, however, “emoticon” wasn’t a word just a few short years ago. This is indicative of how rapidly the world is evolving along with technology. To attempt to predict what will come next is a fool’s quest. We are all going along on a magic carpet ride through the wonders of the cyber world, and all we can do is take each advancement as it comes, and utilize it in the best way we can.

Behold: Animated Video Instruction

Art is historic. The history of art dates back to the very cave painting days, and has only ever evolved to what it is today. The seemingly simple animated videos that are prevalent all throughout the Internet today, are masterworks of graphic art. Those who are born with the creative spark have embraced the bits and bytes of technology, and have added them to their digital pallet. These are the people who know how to learn visually, and have, in turn, created visual aids in an effort to help those of their ilk: The visual thinkers. This has been a boon to mankind, and there seems to be no end in sight. This very medium is limited only by the imagination. It would be best, in my opinion, to simply let this new digital medium proceed and evolve of its own accord. To try to consciously guide it in a forced direction, would, for all intents and purposes, be an exercise in futility, and would serve to corrupt the very nature of it. We would all do well to let nature take its course in this regard.

Let it be

The advent of this binary revolution has astonished us all. Even though we take much of it for granted, the best is yet to come. The invention of cloud computing is a good indicator that this is true. Again, forcing natural progression merely serves to retard it. There may be scientific precedent for that statement. Whatever the case, creativity is fickle, and those who are naturally gifted with it are on the forefront of this digital tidal wave. Again, we are all simply along for the ride.