Some people like to create their social media page for friends and family. The idea of public consumption is too much for some people. However, every time you create a social page, even if it is for friends and family, you are still creating your page for public consumption.

Some of you may be interested in taking that to the next level, including increasing your followers. There are some solid benefits to increasing your popularity if you buy Instagram followers.

1) Instant Cash

You could acquire more cash from advertisers. Your friends may know someone who knows an advertiser. Your brand could be on their page. The advertiser sees your logo and wants to know more.

To be clear, this is not going to happen overnight. In fact, it may not happen at all. That is why I recommend not doing the social media thing for the money. What I am saying is that it could happen.

2) You Become the Influencer

There is always someone or something that has an influence. Imagine if someone starts to get influenced by something you have done. The more you reach out to other demographics, the more your star is going to rise.

Everything you post has a way of circulating. You may be sending something to a friend, but that post will make its way to people you do not even know. That can be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on how you view things.

Some days are going to be hits and others will be a miss. However, your brand is out there. You never know who is going to see your brand.

You become the influencer once someone likes what you have done. You are now the cool kid on the block.

3) Business Purposes

Do you have a business account with Instagram? You could use that to your advantage. Some of you may be fine where you are. Those who wish to grow their followers to their pages need to upgrade to a business account.

Your brand is already seen by a lot of people, but you need more affluence. Younger viewers always tell their friends about the latest news. Do you want your business to be noticed more? The key is to harness that energy through younger viewers by directing them to your site and Instagram pages.

4) The Traffic

Some of you may be going to be each night hoping and praying your viewership grows. Say you have a website that gets a lot of traffic. Link your Instagram page to the site. That way the traffic will see both. It may take some time and a lot of promotion, but you will get there. Do you want to have more likes and real followers? The key component is the traffic you already have. You need to harness that energy into something more long-term.