Using custom printed stickers is a brilliant way to advertise your business. So much so, if you choose the right type of stickers, your services or your products could suddenly stand out much more than they do now.

Designing these stickers, however, does take a little bit of talent. Plus, sticking to specific design guidelines that will make your custom printed stickers really stand out.

These design tips should give you a great start.

Consistent designs — Any custom printed stickers you design for your company should be consistent in style, color and font with all the other printed materials you use for your business. That means your stickers should fit well with brochures, flyers and leaflets.

Choose the right colors — Make sure the color of the stickers you choose not only fits with your businesses’ printed materials, but also stands out. After all, the whole point of getting custom printed stickers made is to promote your products or services. Brightly colored or unusual colored stickers tend to do that.

Unusual shapes — If you really want to promote your business, be sure to have custom printed stickers made that are unusual in shape. Getting stickers made is a great way to use your creativity as you do not have to stick with rectangular or square-shaped stickers. Instead, you can have them printed in the shape of an animal, a food, an item, a vehicle, a house or other building. In other words, anything you like, as long as it is a good way to promote your business.

Think about stickers to draw attention to products — If you are getting stickers designed as a way to promote products, you want to be sure they will really stand out. Especially if you will be sticking these stickers on the product themselves, so you can draw attention to the product’s price, ingredients or quality.

Be sure the stickers you have printed are not so large they cover up other important information on the product, but make sure they are bright or unusual enough for people to notice them.

You can have custom printed stickers created with information about a percentage discount on a product. You can have them printed to advertise that all the ingredients in one of your products are organic. You can also have stickers made if you have had a larger sized product manufactured, and want your customers to be aware of that the next time they see your products.

Bumper stickers and bulletin board stickers — Remember too, you can have stickers created for the bumpers of cars, or to be specifically used for advertising your business on bulletin boards around town.

If you do this, make sure the design is cute, funny or politically opinionated. That way people will not only notice it, they will remember it too.