Create a Dynamite Profile

The first and most important step is to create a profile that will make people want to follow you. Tell them what it is that makes you stand out from the rest. First of all, you have to be sure that your username is recognizable and can easily be found in a search. If you are creating a profile for your business make sure that your business name is part of the user name.

Start thinking of different and interesting combinations which will be interesting enough so people will automatically want to click onto your profile. Once you have done this make sure you have a great profile photo to include and if it is for business add your full business name in the “Name” field. Then make sure that your profile is public and you’re all set to go.

Youtube has some more tips on this topic:

Drawing Interest With Your Bio

Next up you have to have an entertaining bio which will provide people with informative information about yourself or about your brand. This is the place where you want people to come to look, like what they see, and automatically follow you. It is advisable to include a link to your bio from which people can instantly go from your Instagram to your website or your business website.

Make sure you enable notifications so when people comment on or share your photos you will know and you can thank them. In this way, you will begin engaging with many different people and they with you and your followers (want some additional growth? Check out seguidores no instagram) will grow in number.

Photography Skills Matter

Next up you have to consider how good you are at taking photos. You don’t want to present people with badly taken photos or those that are not clear. On Instagram, a bad photo is like a bad mark against you. So if you need to brush up on your skills you should take a look at basic photography tips and photo editing apps.

Most likely all of the photos you post will be taken through your mobile device so once you upload make sure you do some editing on the photo if necessary. Remember interest in you will be great if your photos are something to admire as well.

Starting to Post on Instagram

Once you have finished with everything else you can start to post to Instagram. You should begin with around 15 posts just to start engaging people and getting interested in your photos. People want to see a full screen of photos so they can know what they like or don’t like and begin to look forward to more posts from you.

Keep in mind that posting at different times also matters. You can post most any time but there will be more engagement and interest during the hours when people have come home from work. There might also be a possibility of drawing attention to your posts in the afternoons when people might be taking breaks at work. The important thing to remember is to keep experimenting and posting at different times taking note of those when more people respond.