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Can hiring an SEO expert help you grow your business?

If you own a business and that business has a website, you may never have spent enough time on it to understand SEO is very important when it comes to people noticing that website and, thus, noticing your business.

It also may never have occurred to you to hire an SEO expert to grow the traffic to your website and, thus, grow your business. It actually should.

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why hiring an SEO expert can help you grow your business to such an extent, you could double your customers in just a couple of months.

SEO helps your website get to the top of the SERPs — People will often find out about your business via a search on Google or Bing.

If you do not use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), however, it will be rare your website ever gets to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). That means when potential customers do a search, they find your competitors instead.

A good SEO expert or a company like New Jersey SEO, however, can get your website right to the top of the search results. Often it only takes a few months to do that, if he uses the right optimization tactics.

A good SEO expert can increase sales — It is not just that your website appears higher up in Google search results, it is also that it appears higher in results for the keywords describing what you are selling.

If that happens, you will immediately find you are getting more traffic to your site and, if your SEO expert is using the correct keywords, you will also be getting more sales.

This means even when you are paying an SEO consultant to change and develop your site to help optimize it for Google and Bing search, you will still end up making more money than you spend just due to the increased sales.

More attention on your company — Even if your ultimate goal is not to increase sales, the right SEO consultant can also help you get more attention for your company.

He or she will often do this by optimizing your site for specific keywords. He will also have articles written that will be placed on other sites so your site gets backlinks, and so that you and your company are perceived as experts.

All of this will bring more attention to your company, and make sure more people are aware of your company’s name and what you do.

Improve your credibility — Nowadays, few businesses are thought to be particularly credible if they do not have a strong online presence.

An SEO expert can move your website to the top of the SERPs, he can make more people aware of what your company does, he can make you appear to be the experts that you are due to articles on other sites and he can even run an email marketing campaign.

The latter alone will add more email addresses to your mailing list, and give you more customers to contact with future campaigns.

How Buying Followers can Impact Your Social Media Reputation

Technology has taken people’s lives to another engagement level where everything is being done online. People are even conducting meetings in social media instead of traveling distances to a venue. Businesses too are conducting product marketing of the goods and services that they produce through social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Great government officials, religious leaders, politicians, celebrities, and friends interact with their followers via social media posts that they post in their respective social media accounts.




As a result of this, people have been subjected to an imaginary competition of following. Additionally, agencies and companies look for people with a large number of social media following such as Instagram to offer them advertising contracts and other business. Therefore, there are various benefits that one is likely to enjoy if they have large numbers of online followers. To achieve these high following, some people especially bloggers buy followers on instagram to allow them to enjoy the benefits.




Buying social media flowers can affect the buyer either positively or negatively. Having a large number of followers indicates that one has more online influence. They get more likes and comments on their posts and also get tagged to various posts making them have opportunities for free advertisement audiences. Buying Instagram and other social media followers involve getting more accounts to follow you at a pay. Such accounts are created and exist with the aim of being sold to follow someone.


Fate of Fake Accounts


The consequences of buying Instagram followers will at the end be shady since Instagram managers have a habit of discarding all the dormant accounts and at the end of it all you will be frustrated. Additionally, the reason why people find it better to buy followers instead of looking for authentic ones is that buying Instagram followers is cheap and easy. It is also not easy to realize when someone has purchased fake followers. Also, people judge an Instagram account with regards to the number of followers it has, whether they are real or fake accounts. People are likely to pay attention to a brand that is advertised by an account that has a large number of followers compared to that marketed by an account that is bearing a fewer number of followers.


Reasons for Buying Followers


To enjoy these online benefits, interested buyers link their Instagram accounts to a service that sells followers, make payments and later wait to see their audience grow within a short period to hit high following levels. Buying can cost as little as $3 for about 100 followers. This means that a buyer can get as many as 10,000 followers if he or she has a pocket that is over $300 deep.


Negative Effects of Buying Followers


Buying Instagram followers can cause one some negative impacts such as getting fewer engagements since the accounts are fake and have no one to attend to them, one loses integrity and self-esteem for having large numbers of followers that are not genuine and have to face the stigma that people have in the society. However, buying Instagram followers has not yet been declared illegal, so everyone has to decide whether to buy or not to buy followers.

Monkey See; Monkey Do

Why is it that animated instructional videos work so well? I can only speak for myself. I am a visual thinker. I came to realize this when I discovered (early on) that you can lecture me until the cows come home, and I’m just not going to get it until you pick up that hammer, and pick up that nail, and go tap-tap-tap; WHAM-WHAM-WHAM! To some degree, reading copy presents the same challenge. So, show me: Don’t tell me.

Mentor-Apprentice relationships

Long gone are the days when children growing up had mentors. The world of educating has given way to the mass lecture, with little visual aid or hands on instruction to placate those who learn in different ways. In the amazing world of cyber-space, animation has picked up the slack in that regard, to a certain degree. The digital revolution has evolved in ways that couldn’t possibly have been predicted. Creative, visual thinkers have leaped in to fill a void. That of visual instruction via what is being called “Animated explainer videos“. Spell checker is reporting that “explainer” is not a word, however, “emoticon” wasn’t a word just a few short years ago. This is indicative of how rapidly the world is evolving along with technology. To attempt to predict what will come next is a fool’s quest. We are all going along on a magic carpet ride through the wonders of the cyber world, and all we can do is take each advancement as it comes, and utilize it in the best way we can.

Behold: Animated Video Instruction

Art is historic. The history of art dates back to the very cave painting days, and has only ever evolved to what it is today. The seemingly simple animated videos that are prevalent all throughout the Internet today, are masterworks of graphic art. Those who are born with the creative spark have embraced the bits and bytes of technology, and have added them to their digital pallet. These are the people who know how to learn visually, and have, in turn, created visual aids in an effort to help those of their ilk: The visual thinkers. This has been a boon to mankind, and there seems to be no end in sight. This very medium is limited only by the imagination. It would be best, in my opinion, to simply let this new digital medium proceed and evolve of its own accord. To try to consciously guide it in a forced direction, would, for all intents and purposes, be an exercise in futility, and would serve to corrupt the very nature of it. We would all do well to let nature take its course in this regard.

Let it be

The advent of this binary revolution has astonished us all. Even though we take much of it for granted, the best is yet to come. The invention of cloud computing is a good indicator that this is true. Again, forcing natural progression merely serves to retard it. There may be scientific precedent for that statement. Whatever the case, creativity is fickle, and those who are naturally gifted with it are on the forefront of this digital tidal wave. Again, we are all simply along for the ride.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Binoculars In 2018

With the regular advancement in technology year in year out, different designs of binoculars continue to be introduced in the market. So what exactly does this mean for binoculars lovers? Simple, the best light weight binoculars (compact binoculars) in 2017 are indeed not the best in the market today. Meaning, if you were planning to buy a new pair of compact binoculars, you will have a pretty challenging time discerning which one suits you or which one is the best. Well, no need to stress so much over it because this article is all you need before running down to your preferred store. Below is a list of 5 best lightweight binoculars in 2018:

1.) Bushnell H2O Waterproof

From the name itself, this gadget is resistant to water and can almost not get easily destroyed if it is accidentally or intentionally brought close to any water body. Attributing to this is its sealing with O-band and the fact that it is nitrogen purged. One thing that will make you fall in love with this gadget instantly is its sharp images produced using Bak-4 prisms and multiple-protected optics. Additionally, Bushnell H20 waterproof has high-quality optics which deliver high definition lucidity and have a magnification power of X12 hence a 20-foot shut concentration range. Since it is an upgrade of its predecessor high durability is something to expect from it.

2.) Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof prism Binocular

It seems the Bushnell brand had a great plan for you all in 2018. With this specific gadget, you are sure to enjoy the folding design and reduced risks of bends since it has a roof prism design as its name suggest. Production of high-quality images in this device is easy as it has a magnification of 10 X and its optics are thoroughly coated which trigger capturing of sharper images. The gadget is also fog and water poof in nature.

3.) SkyGenius Compact lightweight binoculars

Pocket-sized and sleek, this is just what you are missing for your concerts and travel adventure. It has a magnification power of 10×50 and multilayered aspherical lenses which help in reducing light reflection and distortion. With such a description, you are not expecting anything less than extremely top-notch images. Now comes the most exciting bit about this camera-it has got great value for your money.

4.) Wingspan optics spectator compact binoculars

While purchasing a compact binocular, you are ordinarily concerned with its weight and magnification. Well, if these are your primary concerns, then wingspan optics spectator compact is your ideal binoculars for 2018. The device is very light and can fit in your pocket. It also has 8X magnification power which delivers high-quality objects. Topping all this up is its durability and awesome offer on majority of stores which is 30-day return in case of any justified harms.

5.) Aurosports folding compact binoculars

Forming the last but certainly not the list lightweight binocular in 2018 is Aurosports folding compact binoculars. It has five major outstanding features that you will enjoy if you purchase one. To begin with, the gadget is capable of working amicably during the day as well as during the night.

Quick side-quest: Check this awesome video on how Night vision works

Two, it has a superb magnification of 10×25 and uses a center focus mechanism for your convenience. It has field view of 1000 yards and fully multi-coated optics. Consider this or either of the four lightweight binoculars this 2018.

Project Management Software – What to Look out for

Planning and managing projects efficiently in the past, had been a complex and time-consuming task. Most people would fret having to deal with this task, but not anymore. The advent of the internet brought along inventions that have not only made project management easier but has also made the process time efficient. Handling projects is not a struggle anymore, and you can streamline the process using the right software. The fundamental thing to do is to ensure that in-depth research is undertaken to determine the best software which will produce the ideal results. The best software to use is user-friendly, easy to implement and accurate. An individual can also customize the templates to suit their preferences and track the project’s progress with much ease. Features of the best project management tools will not only impress but prove useful. The outstanding features to consider include; real-time overview and automated reports, successful integration with other useful tools like the mail feature, seamless workflow, affordability, encourages faster communication and ease of file sharing and file management. Also, interaction is important to enhance cohesion among the teams managing the project. Setting timelines and prioritizing comes easy with the ideal free project management software. It is important to analyze results to be able to track your progress, and these features provide reliability of an ideal software to work for you.


Consolidating ideas or to-dos is easily controlled from a dashboard, and which you can easily customize to suit your preference. Employees, teams, and administrators can enjoy coordinating tasks with these useful tools incorporated in the project management software. The software increases the possibility of managing several projects at a go, working within different teams. An individual’s input in a team is easy to track and as well as to measure the team’s productivity. It is notable that this software can be used within different sectors that deals with project planning. Also, users have room to customize the features and to get the right solutions in managing different projects. Teams working from different locations are also able to coordinate effectively to ensure the project is successful, owing to this software.


A project management software allows for room for flexibility and offers convenience to help complete projects with ease. Real-time feedback is enabled and having access to other useful tools makes this software an immediate need for organizations directly involved in managing projects. Among other pros is allowing the team to create time for productivity objectives and allocate different assignments with much ease. It is easy for team members to have access to information regarding the project and ensure that high performance is experienced by the team. A team can perform optimally when empowered with effective tools which make them efficient in fulfilling their mandate. This is why it is necessary to have the right solution for managing projects, that is convenient and timely. It is important to stay up to date with the new features that have been incorporated into the project management software to be able to enjoy the full benefits.

Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider in Australia

It is always challenging to find the best web hosting provider in Australia, and as a business person, you make a wrong decision on your choice. Therefore, it is vital to know the web hosting providers in Australia are numerous, and you have to ensure you are keen so that you can choose the best company. The competition in the web hosting is stiff, and that makes it hectic to make the right selection since all claim to offer quality and better services than their competitors. It is significant therefore to ensure that you are doing a lot of research that will aid you in your selection and tips highlighted below will make it simple for you to land to the most appropriate web hosting provider in Australia.


Always ensure that you have a planned budget that will lead you to your selection. Since the web hosting providers are many in the industry, you will find that the price will vary from one provider to another. Hence it will be easy for you to get the one that you can be able to afford when you have a budget of the amount of money you want to spend. In this regard, you can get the quotation from several hosting provider and get to compare with your cash, and it will be fit for you to settle for the one that will be having reasonable pricing with a high assurance of getting quality services.

Understand Your Needs and Technical Skills

It is imperative for you before you incorporate any web hosting provider into your business you ensure that you are aware of what you want to achieve with the hosting in your business. Besides, it is vital to have the right technical know-how that is required to operate the hosting. It is advisable that you allow the hosting provider to manage the web on your behalf since they have the required skills and knowledge hence they will ensure efficiency leading to better performance.

Get Recommendations

It is believed that the words of mouth are powerful and therefore, consider asking around from your close friends and more so those that use web hosting services in their firms. The benefit of referral is that you will be linked to the best company that is reputable and reliable in providing web hosting services. Your business colleagues may have information that is crucial in landing to the best web hosting provider in Australia more so if it is your first time to seek these particular services.

Online Research

It is through research that you can locate the best web hosting provider. The internet research will provide you will necessary information that you want to know about the web hosting and the top best providers that you can hire. Moreover, when you visit the websites of the web hosting providers, you will get the testimonials and reviews from clients recommending the most appropriate company that one can hire thus making it easy for you to make your selection.

Techy: Why custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer may be the best decision you make

If you have bought lenses from a lens supplier over the years, you may have looked briefly at ordering custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer and then decided against it. After all, while the benefits can be huge, the cost is often prohibitive.


On top of that, custom optics can often take longer to get than the time you have available.


With changes being made in the world of custom optics all the time, however, now may be one of the best times to order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer. Especially if you have never done so before.


Design, prototyping and manufacturing is faster — With the high tech equipment that is available nowadays, designing custom optics, creating a prototype for customer approval and then manufacturing the lenses themselves is much faster than it used to be.


That is why, if time is a factor when it comes to ordering custom optics, you should check with an optical lens manufacturer as lenses may be designed and manufactured much more quickly than you expect.


Tailoring for specific application — If you have need of lenses for a specific application you use in your company,then getting custom optics makes a lot more sense than buying generic lenses.


Custom lenses can be made to be extremely specific to the application you are running, to the point that you will often see much more accurate results than you have in the past.


Precision is even more precise — If you looked into ordering custom optics a few years ago and decided the cost outweighed the precision of what was then available, you may be surprised to see with modern high tech equipment how much more precisely made custom optics can now be.


In fact, if you need custom optics that are much more precise than what you can buy from your usual supplier, now may be the time to consider ordering them.


Advances in custom optics overseas — You can often cut your cost for custom optics by ordering from an overseas company as well. Especially because the expertise of many of them is just as good as any western company.


Some companies in Asia have now been designing and manufacturing custom optics for four or five decades, and have tens of thousands of satisfied clients around the world. If you would love to order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer but are not sure about the cost involved, then buying from an Asian company could be your solution.


Finding the best optical lens manufacturer — Of course, if you have not bought custom optics before, then ordering them from an unknown supplier can be a little unnerving.


Thankfully, it is possible to find a reputable supplier, even in Asia, by simply asking other custom optics customers which company they usually use.


You will find these people in online forums dedicated to optics. Start a new topic and ask for advice on buying custom optics from an Optical lens manufacturer.

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