If you have never bought a hooded blanket before, you may want to know if there are benefits to buying one that you would not get if you owned a regular blanket instead.


After all, there must be a reason why hooded blankets for adults have become so popular in recent years. They must offer some advantages a regular blanket does not.


Keeps your head warm — Unlike a regular blanket, a hooded blanket also covers your head. That means you can wear it in extremely cold conditions and, as the heat from your body does not escape from the top of your head, you will find yourself staying warm.


This not only keeps your head warm, but it also prevents heat escaping from your body as well.


Helps save on electricity or gas — Even though some people wear regular blankets around the house to try to avoid having to turn on electricity or gas heat, they will often find themselves putting the heat on as the blanket does not keep them warm enough.


With hooded blankets, though, you will immediately find yourself being able to stay warmer due to less heat escaping from your body and head.


This translates to a savings on your heating bill as you do not have to turn it on as often as you would when just wearing a regular blanket.


Moisture resistant — As many hooded blankets are created for camping or mountain climbing, you will find they tend to be much more moisture resistant than does a regular blanket.


This means you can take a hooded blanket on a camping trip or mountain climbing, and be able to keep yourself dry at night.


Fewer things to carry — If you are planning to take your hooded blanket on a camping trip, you will realize quickly you will need to pack fewer things to take with you.


This is because a hooded blanket serves as a blanket, a sweatshirt or a hat, so you will be able to leave behind both the sweatshirt and hat and just bring the hooded blanket instead.


No chance of losing your head covering — It can get very windy when you are camping or mountain climbing, and things like hats blow off and disappear.


With a hooded blanket, however, the hood on it is attached to the blanket. That means there is no chance of the part that keeps your head warm from suddenly blowing away, so there will be no reason to run down the beach chasing your hat.


Hooded blankets combine a blanket, a hat and various items of clothing. Once you put one on, you will find it to be much warmer than other blankets and far more comfortable as well.