Using an article generator, like this content generator API, to create articles for their site is something many website owners are now either doing or considering.

After all, writing your own articles can take hours or days and, when you factor in advertising revenue online is falling, it is not always cost-effective.

An article generator is fast — One of the big reasons website owners are moving towards using an online article generator is that they are so fast.

Writing an article themselves could take three to five hours or longer. Getting an article from an online article generator, however, can often be done in less than 10 minutes.

Then it is just a case of copying the article, pasting it into their publishing platform and publishing it on their site.

An article on any subject — If you are not an expert in a particular subject, it could take you many days to write an article for your site.

An article generator does not have this problem, as it can write an article about anything. That means whether your next published piece needs to be something on the wildlife industry in China or the newest scientific breakthrough, a good article generator can create that for you in minutes.

Graphics and photographs — Finding the right graphics and photographs for an article can also take time. That is why using a generator to do it for you is easier.

Yes, an article generator can find the perfect diagrams, graphics, charts and photographs for any article you need. You just have to specify the subject it should be about when you order the article itself.

Articles can be extremely specific — Most article generators do not create generic articles about the subjects needed either. Instead, they create in-depth, well-researched and extremely specific papers any website owner would love to have on his site.

You can make the article as specific as you want by making sure you use specific keywords. For instance, instead of asking for an article about viruses in Asia you can ask for one using the keywords ‘viruses in Asia between 2000 and 2020 including those in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia’.

The article generator will then go to work to do the research needed to create such a paper.

The cost of an article — If your time is valued at between $30 and $100 an hour, just imagine how much money you are losing by spending five to eight hours writing just one article for your site.

An article generator can create a similar article in just minutes and will only charge you a few dollars per piece. If you order a package of articles, it will charge you even less.