In today’s world, social media plays a huge role in people’s lives. Not only can you make money by having a lot of Instagram followers but you can also get your product or passion out there. For example, a person who is trying to get into the music industry will have their videos seen if they have more followers. More followers equals more likes and shares, which could lead to even more followers or even be discovered. Some people don’t want to have to wait to build up their followers so they might be looking into buying them. This article is going to talk about the pros and cons of doing that.

Pros of Buying Followers

The first pro is that it can increase the chances of getting noticed. The reason for this is because a page that starts out with a few hundred or thousand followers is going to get noticed more than a page that is starting at zero. The next pro is that people will see that you have a lot of followers so you will be seen as popular, which will make people take you more seriously than if you start with no followers.

Since you’ll look trustworthy and popular, your marketing efforts will do a lot better. People will take you and your brand seriously. In addition, it’s not overly expensive to buy Instagram likes so you can get quite a few for a low price. This can help you save money on marketing.

Cons of Buying Followers

The first con that can happen is that most of the followers you buy aren’t real accounts. They are just accounts that are made to look real. One bad thing about that is if you do want to pay for an ad, you are now advertising to a bunch of fake profiles instead of just your real followers. Next, while this will give your page that first boost, you’ll still have to do some marketing to keep followers coming in. The third con is a big one to watch for. It’s the fact that there are quite a few scams out there. They are companies that claim they give followers when they actually don’t. This is a loss of money for you.

Another thing about buying followers is that a lot of people disapprove of it and see it as cheating. Because of this, you could actually lose your reputation and be seen as someone that people don’t trust or want to associate with. Your engagement will also be lower since these fake profiles aren’t actually engaging with or buying from you. Finally, there is always the chance that Instagram might do another account purge. If this happens, you could lose hundreds or thousands of followers and people will be able to figure out that you bought followers by looking at your numbers!

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to doing this. Both sides of the fence have really good points and the decisions is ultimately up to you. The best thing to do is just do your research and take time to decide before just jumping in.